Jasprit Bumrah’s joke was blown because of the height being reduced, the selectors stopped speaking on the very first ball!

Jasprit Bumrah said that for cricket I was always ready to go to the field, I played as much as possible, I used to enjoy it at that time.

New Delhi, Jan13: Jasprit Bumrah is said to be the yorker king of the Indian cricket team, this bowler, 5 feet 8 inches tall, is considered a specialist of Death Overs, although the truth is that he did not have much length in his childhood, due to which he used to joke on the field. Was, although then Bumrah had put the saying… in Poot’s feet, he bowled such a ball that the selectors had pressed their toes under the teeth, the selectors were confident that they could become good fast bowlers.

Bumrah himself told
Jasprit Bumrah himself told this in Cricbuzz’s YouTube show Spy Pitch, Bumrah said that I believe if bowlers do well, you win the match, the batsmen will come, because we have a factory in India. If you see, then you will get batsmen, it is difficult to become a good bowler in the present generation, so you have to work hard,

If you work hard, you can achieve your goal, Bumrah also told that he has always enjoyed cricket, he used to play cricket as much as he could.

Ready to go to the ground
Bumrah said that for cricket, I was always ready to go to the field, I used to play as much as possible, I used to enjoy it at that time, so there was no need for motivation for cricket, go practice, play, But you used to have so much fun then you would go to the ground yourself. Bumrah had said that like any other child, I started as well, as children play cricket with friends for their fun, then I too was the same, although I dreamed of playing for the country from childhood, You don’t know if you can get there or not, because this country is very big, so many people play, but when you finally reach the destination, the journey is good.

First time selection
Bumrah said that his height was not very high as a child, he shared his experience of selection in the team for the first time and said, the selectors looked at me and said, this is a lean guy, at that time my height was not much, ASPRIT bumrah He said what it will do, it will not do it, let’s show it by throwing two balls, however as soon as I bowled the first ball, his reaction changed, he said, oh we did not expect this, we did not think it would happen so soon. And will throw a fast ball.

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