Jammu and Kashmir DDC election: BJP becomes the largest party, know why these results are important in the valley

The celebration of the results of the District Development Council (DDC) election in Jammu and Kashmir, especially in the Kashmir Valley, was very different from the previous elections. The previous election results were known here as rigging and criticism. Changes are now clearly seen in Jammu and Kashmir. It is also important to regain the trust of voters in the Union Territory. Opponents are not raising their face for fairness in this eight-phase election.

There was a time when India’s defeat in a cricket match against Pakistan was celebrated on the streets of Kashmir, but the participation of voters in the DDC elections presented a picture of the valley to the contrary. The results of the Valley elections were well accepted by the People’s Alliance for Guptar Declaration (PAGD). This simply means that all want democracy at the grassroots level.

Pointed towards youth leadership at the ground level

A senior government official said that the good performance of independents points towards new and young leadership at the grassroots. The participation of the Guptkar Alliance was very important for this election after the removal of Article 370. Coalition parties were repeatedly opposing the Centre’s move to remove Article 370 of the Center.

Representatives will take oath of constitution of India for the first time

The most important thing about the DDC elections is that the elected local representatives of Jammu and Kashmir will take an oath of allegiance to the Constitution of India for the first time. According to the official, the result is a seal on the decision to abolish Article 370 in the Union Territory. A Home Ministry official said that after properly conducting the DDC elections, good voter participation has created enthusiasm for conducting assembly elections in the state at the earliest.

The results of these places are surprising

DDC elections saw higher participation in many low-voting areas compared to the 2019 Lok Sabha elections as well as panchayat elections. For instance, Srinagar recorded 35.3% of the vote, with just 7.9% voting in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. In the 2018 panchayat elections too, only 14.50 percent of the votes were cast. The most surprising thing is that BJP has emerged as the largest party in these elections. In the 2018 Panchayat elections, Avantipura saw 0.4 percent polling, while the 2019 Lok Sabha elections saw 3 percent turnout, but this time it saw 9.9 percent voting. Anantnag polled 24.9 percent, while it was 9.3 percent in the 2018 Lok Sabha elections, while in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections it was 13.8 percent. The results of the first election in the valley after the withdrawal of 370 are surprising.


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