Jaipur: Journalist Abhishek Soni broke down, attacked for opposing molestation

Abhishek Soni, a 27-year-old journalist from Jaipur who succumbed to a life-threatening attack when he protested against molesting a female friend, died in the hospital during treatment. In this case, the police are facing allegations of negligence. Despite being identified, so far the police have been able to arrest only one accused.

This incident is on 8 December. When Abhishek Soni went to a local restaurant with his female friend Aarti Sharma in Mansarovar area of ​​the capital Jaipur. Then some people molested Aarti there. When Abhishek protested against molestation, the three men attacked him with sticks and iron rods. Abhishek was seriously injured in this attack.

Since then, he was swinging between life and death in the hospital. He died late Wednesday evening. After this incident, the family members and others of the deceased have opened a front against the police. People staged a sit-in at the SMS hospital accusing the police of negligence.

The family of Abhishek told that after the death of Abhishek due to media, the police have registered a case under the section of murder. But even after getting CCTV footage and identifying the accused, the police have arrested only one accused. While the other two Aropees are still out of the reach of the police.

On the other hand, Additional Police Commissioner Ajay Pal Lamba of Jaipur says that the police managed to get CCTV footage of the incident. An accused has been arrested. The other two will also be arrested soon. He is currently absconding. A police team has been formed to nab them.

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