Jackie Shroff slaps Anil Kapoor one after the other, know what was the matter

When we talk about the big people of the film world, the name of Jackie Shroff and Anil Kapoor comes in it and this name has been making a special penetration among many people for a long time. The reason behind this is their Acting and if someone sees this acting in their films, then it seems real for once. Recently, he told an anecdote related to his film, about which you will probably laugh for once.

It was a matter of time when Parinda was shooting for the film and everyone was working, there was a scene in which Jackie Shroff and Anil Kapoor get into a heated argument and Jackie Shroff has to Anil Kapoor He had to raise his hand, so he lifted it and felt scene.

But when Anil Kapoor saw the scene, he felt that it does not look so good and special, it does not feel right now, there should be one more shot, so he asked himself to kill one more time, still did not feel right. So said once more, while doing this, Jackie Shroff had to shoot a scene that slapped Anil Kapoor for 17 times, and then this scene became perfect.

Now you can also understand the level of dedication towards Anil Kapoor’s work, how many slaps he agreed to eat together for a shoot where only the cheeks of the people turn red. Well, whatever is left now, in today’s time, there is not that much deadness in Actro.

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