Jaako rakhe saiyan… Truck thrown out of elderly woman, then video of what happened viral

There is a saying, do you stop, do not kill anyone…! This is the case of an elderly woman who escapes death from the face of death, with whom a recent heartbreaking accident took place and still saved her life. The video of this incident is becoming viral on social media and people are surprised to see it.

In fact, in Tiruchengode, Tamil Nadu, a truck passed over an elderly woman, but the woman’s hair could not be stopped. CGTN shared this 54-second clip on its Twitter account, in which an elderly woman is seen standing in the middle of the road carrying a plastic packet in her hand and a yellow pick-up truck arrives and turns right, climbing over the woman Goes and despite this, the woman does not even have a scratch.


For information, let us know, this video is becoming very fast on social media. People are giving different reactions to this video. Some said “OMG I see that no one reacts to the accident”, some “miraculous” and some said “Did the driver not see the woman?” Like comments given.

In this video it can be seen how the woman had become uncontrolled, but not a single person came forward to help her, all watching this spectacle standing away. According to CGTN, the truck driver could not see the woman, which caused such a big accident.



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