IPS D Rupa transferred 40 times in 20 years tenure

India has seen this very rarely in the country when a government officer is using his position properly. Because it is often seen that only the common man obeys the rules and laws made by the Constitution. For politicians in our country, it is against their pride to follow the rules and laws and very few times it has been seen when an officer is acting openly on politicians.

What happens when an officer does not worry about his job and transfer, just perform his duties. Today we have brought the story of a woman IPS officer who had arrested MP CM Uma Bharti in order to use her rights properly. His name is Rupa Diwakar Maudgil, who has got a transfer letter 40 times in a 20-year tenure due to his working methods.

IPS Roopa Diwakar Moudgil


Rupa Diwakar Maudgil, the first woman home secretary in India, was born in Karnataka. Rupa, who was selected in the year 2000 IPS cadre, achieved 43rd rank in the UPSC at that time. After which he took the training of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Police Academy in Hyderabad, during which he got the fifth position in his batch.

After his training, he was appointed as SP in Dharwad district of Karnataka. His father JH Diwakar is a service retired engineer.


Recently the intrepid IPS Rupa got a transfer to the state’s Home Department Handloom Emporium, as he revealed a corrupt Asafar kukarmo, but it is not new for Rupa to take him 40 times in his 20-year career. Transfer has been received.

In the year 2003-04, due to a court case, the then MP of the state of the state, Uma Bharti was arrested. After which the process of his transfer started, because he did not change the way he worked. Her record has been that wherever she serves, she plagues the corrupt people.

Does not matter the transfer: Roopa Diwakar Moudgil


Rupa Diwakar states that ‘she does not mind her transfers, because whenever she voices up against any wrongdoing, she is transferred.’

Rupa senior while working in Bangalore Safe City Project IPS Officer Hemant Nimbalkar was suspended due to irregularities in the tender process and meeting the contractor who took the tender, after which he was transferred from there also.


Let me tell you, Rupa got an opportunity to work as an IS, but she wanted to become an IPS officer since childhood. Therefore, he chose the post of IPS. Rupa says that transfer is an important part of every government job, and when you are employed in a post like IPS or IS, you should be mentally prepared for this.

According to him, the number of years he has worked during his tenure, he has received transfer twice. They believe that when you stand against corruption, then you have to go through controversies and risks and they have seen such pressure closely.

Rupa is also a sharp shooter, Bharat Natyam dancer and playback singer


Rupa is an excellent police officer and also specializes in many arts. He is also a playback singer along with being a Trad Bharat Natyam dancer, he has also sung a song in a Kannada film Bayalatada Bhim Anna. Apart from this, Rupa is also a sharp shooter, due to which he has been awarded various awards several times. Along with this, he has also received the President’s Police Medal from the President after 2 years.

He was married to IAS officer Munish Mudgil in the year 2003. At the same time, his younger sister Rohini Diwakar is also an IRS officer of 2008 batch.

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