IPL 2021 to be held in Dubai or India, BCCI replied

After the statement of IPL Chairman Brijesh Patel, the IPL 2021’s arrival in India seems to be in doubt. While giving a statement on IPL 2021 on Thursday, he said that the governing council of the T20 league has decided that only eight franchises will be allowed to hand over the names of players to be retained by January 21. India batsman Brijesh Patel said in a conversation with PTI that the last date of the auction has not been decided yet.

Question mark on auction budget of players in IPL


This week, the current chairman of the IPL League, Brijesh Patel, has held an online meeting with the IPL Governing Council, in which the planning and preparations for the conduct of the IPL have been discussed in detail.

Talking to PTI, he said, “Players will be able to retain till January 21 and the trading window for franchisees will be closed on February 4”.


This time the eight teams joining the IPL will have a total amount of 85 crores, in this amount they will have to select their own players. He also said that this time there will not be an increase in the amount fixed for the players’ auction.

IPL 2021 not decided to be India


Sources have revealed that the Governing Council IPL Has decided to wait a month to operate in India. After that it will be decided whether the 14th season of IPL will be held in India or not.


At the same time, information has been given by the source of BCCI that,

“The BCCI waited a week to see how Kovid-19 is located in India and only after that the program would be finalized. Everyone wants it to be held in India but we will have to wait for some more time before deciding. ”

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