Indonesia: Mail nurse had sex with Corona patient in hospital’s toilet, also removed PPE kit

Due to Corona virus epidemic, millions of people have been infected worldwide and appeals are being made to follow social distancing to stop the epidemic. But in the meantime, some people are crossing the limit of negligence. One such shocking case comes from a hospital in Jakarta, Indonesia, where a gay nurse had sex with a Corona patient in a hospital toilet.

How the matter was disclosed

During the sex with a Corona patient, the mail nurse removed the PPE Kit. This was revealed through social media posts. Actually, the patient shared a screenshot of the conversation on the WhatsApp with the nurse on Twitter. After this, the screenshot of it went viral, which was monitored by the administration and the officials questioned both the nurse and the patient. In front of the police, both of them agreed to have sex in the toilet. Also the nurse told that she had removed her PPE kit.

Action possible under pornographic laws

According to an Indonesian expat report, a mail nurse has been suspended on charges of sex with an Kovid-19 infected person. At the moment, the two are placed in separate isolations and the corona is examined. Both can be prosecuted under Indonesia’s pornographic laws. According to the Indonesian National Nurses Association, legal charges have been imposed on the nurse.

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