Indian team again victim of racial remarks in Sydney Test, removed from spectator stand (Lead-1)

Sydney, 10 January (IANS) Racial remarks were also made against Mohammed Siraj from the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) spectator gallery on Sunday. Because of this, the game stopped for some time. The police drove some spectators out of the stadium from the stand. Earlier on Saturday, viewers had made similar remarks against Siraj.

On Sunday, when Siraj was posted near the boundary during the second season game, an audience commented on him. At that time the 86th over of the Australian innings was going on. Siraj immediately approached Captain Ajinkya Rahane and informed him.

Seeing the seriousness of the matter, the captain told umpire Paul Rafael about this. Paul informed the match referee without delay and then the match referee told the security officials that he made lewd remarks against Siraj from the stand.

The security personnel inspected the place from where the voice came, according to Siraj. Many people were interrogated and then went out of the police stand with four-five people. The game stalled for about 10 minutes due to the incident.

Earlier on Saturday, Indian cricket team officials complained that Siraj and Jaspreet Bumrah had racially commented onlookers.

After the end of the third day’s play, the ICC, the stadium security officials were seen having a lengthy conversation with Bumrah and Siraj and were accompanied by members of the Indian team management.

Team captain Ajinkya Rahane was also seen talking to security officials.

According to a report in the Australian newspaper The Daily Telegraph, it has been learned that Indian authorities have said that Bumrah and Siraj have been subjected to gimmicks, which are racial, for the past two days. This remark was made from the audience where Siraj was fielding towards the Randwink end of the field.

According to the report, in another sentence, the Indian staff was standing outside the boundary behind Bumrah and talking to him while the match was going on.

Crick Australia issued an official statement saying it condemned such an incident. CA’s head of integrity and security, Sean Coroll, has said that those who are involved in such incidents, CA will never welcome them.



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