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In Bhopal, wife got her husband married to another woman, know what was the whole matter


A husband and wife have love for each other and nowhere does this relationship go on not because of any pressure but because of mutual love and mutual understanding, in this you can not force anyone to keep it close to you and said this Neither is true what this couple living in Bhopal understood. Regarding this, the counselor living in the Family Court of Bhopal told that a couple came to them and there was no problem in their midst, it meant such a smooth divorce.

Husband wife and third girl who was husband’s girlfriend went to the family court where they were sent to the counselor and there husband and wife agreed with each other that yes they both want to separate and wife There is no problem with the husband having a girlfriend.

The wife not only agreed to divorce her husband, but she did not have any problem with anyone marrying her and you will realize that the woman is the goddess when the wife refuses to take any financial help from the husband. gave. The wife did not even take any alimony from her husband and both of them separated peacefully. Now both husband and wife are separated and both are spending very happy life separately.

If people in the country have this kind of mindset and take decisions while respecting each other in life, then there is no doubt in this world and whatever marital life it is, it can be more beautiful. Somewhere these things make the world better.


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