I saw enough umpires’ calls: Harper

Sydney, 2 January (IANS) Former umpire Darl Harper has said that the umpires’ call should be removed from the decision review system (DRS) as it has failed in terms of players and fans since its inception.

Harper said while speaking to the Sydney Morning Herald, “I have seen a lot of umpires’ calls.” Let’s ban it. Get rid of this controversy. Contact with the stumps of the ball in any way will blow the gills, 48 ​​percent, not 49 percent.

He said, the truth is that it has been there for 12 years and people have not yet understood it well, even players are worried about it. This indicates that there are some deficiencies either in telling or understanding.

He said, some work should be done on behalf of ICC.

DRS goes with the umpires’ call when he is not clear about his decision whether the batsman is out or not. Sachin Tendulkar, one of the great batsmen, had asked the ICC to revisit it.



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