Husband notes that his wife is always tired, secret is installed in the room

In this world, ‘Mother’ is this supernatural word, the memory of which is blown out of Rome. The love and glory of ‘Mother’ cannot be described in words, it can only be felt. To keep in the womb for nine months, to suffer childbirth, to breastfeed, to wake up for the baby overnight, to keep the baby dry in the wet, to hear sweet lullabies, to hide in Mamta’s lap Communicate and speak in tongues, get up and down, teach them to walk with a finger, scold them with love, mourn, coax, feed and pamper milk-yogurt-butter, to challenge the biggest challenge to protect the child Facing and growing up, the same innocence and tender behavior… ..these are the basic identity of every mother.

This is the basic identity of the ‘mother’ of every creature and animal of this world. No matter how much a mother sacrifices for her child, but she never remembers it, yet many people question this mother’s sacrifice as well. Today we are going to tell you the story of a woman whose husband has to After all there was doubt as to why she stays so tired throughout the day, what work she does that does not complete her nights sleep. Then this lady responded to this in a very good way, seeing that you also have a mother You will understand well about the sacrifice and the mother’s affection for the child.

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