Husband fell in love in office, girlfriend in 1.5 crores …..

A strange love story has emerged in MP’s capital Bhopal. Yes, you will also be surprised to hear this love story. It is amazing that the girlfriend bought his love by spending one and a half crores. A few days ago, a minor in the family court alleged that he had an affair in the office of the father, which led to quarrels at home. The deal was done through the Family Court.

Girlfriend decided to deal in

Husband fell in love at office, girlfriend bought his love from wife for Rs 1.5 crore

Not only this, the daughter took initiative for this deal by getting upset with the parents’ quarrels. Surprisingly, all parties are happy with the deal. If the girlfriend is happy to find her lover, the mother is satisfied with the financial security of her daughters. Now there will be no quarrels at home, daughters are also happy and father is also happy, because now he will be able to live with his girlfriend.

Then after several steps counseling, finally the problem was resolved. The wife agreed to release the husband on one condition. The girlfriend gave a flat of her own and about 27 lakh rupees to her lover’s wife. Then he finds his love.

That’s why the wife got fixed for the deal

According to the counselor, the wife said that after so many years of marriage, when the husband and her did not have a good relationship, he did not like to live with her. So she decided that the future life would be spent on improving the future of her daughters. So she agreed to take this difficult decision.

The wife says that when the husband was not willing to live together there was no point. 18 years of marriage had passed. The bitterness in their relationship was now increased. He needed money for the future of his daughters. So he said yes to the deal.

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