Hardik and Natasha celebrated their first anniversary

January 1 was quite special for Indian cricketer Hardik Pandya. However, in the year 2020, on the day of New Year, Hardik got engaged by making Natasha his forever. In such a situation, the couple celebrated the first anniversary of their engagement with New Year on 1 January. Both of them shared pictures of it on their social media accounts. Both of them shared their photos while celebrating their anniversary at 12 pm.

On January 1 last year, Hardik engaged with Natasha

Hardik and Natasha Celebrate their first anniversary, share photos

Let me tell you, this couple celebrated this special celebration at home. On this special occasion, Natasa Sthankovic decorated the living area of ​​the house with red colored bloons and rose flowers. Which looked very beautiful. Let me tell you that on 1 January 2020 last year, Hardik got engaged with Natasha by going on a cruise in Dubai. During this, only a few friends of both of them were involved. The couple had secretly married in lockdown after the engagement in January.

Natasha became pregnant before marriage

Hardik and Natasha Celebrate their first anniversary, share photos

The reason for secretly getting married was Natasha Stankovic’s presence. Actually, Natasha had become pregnant before the wedding, after which the couple decided to get married. Now these couples have become the parents of a son. Natasha gave birth to a son in July.

The real identity was found in superhit songs from DJ Wale Babu

Hardik and Natasha Celebrate their first anniversary, share photos

Natasha Stankovic is originally from Serbia. He started his journey in Hindi cinema with Bollywood veteran Prakash Jha’s film Satyagraha. He had a dance number in the film, but he got his real identity from DJ Wale Babu, a superhit song from rapper and singer Badshah. In this song, Natasha Stankovic won millions of hearts with her dance. His film journey has not been special yet. Till now she has appeared in cameo roles in many Bollywood films.

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