Harbhajan, VVS Laxman furious after Indian cricketer got abused at Sydney Stadium

The third Test for the Border Gawaskar Trophy is going on between India and Australia at the Sydney Cricket Ground. During the same cricket event, some spectators sitting in the stadium started misbehaving with Indian cricketers. In which abusive language was used for Siraj and Jaspreet Bumrah.

Complaints were made to the security officials, but the matter went ahead when the fourth day did not stop and the match was stopped for some time.

Continuation of disputes did not stop even on the fourth day


India and Australia’s third Test has been mired in controversy. Where Team India is getting weaker in front of Australia. The same day, on the fourth day of the test, which was held on the 10th, is not taking the name of stopping the racist remarks on Indian players.

The Australians sitting in the ground are not getting out of their habit, where racial remarks were made for Siraj even on the fourth day after the BCCI complained to the Australia Cricket Board.


The extent was reached when an intoxicated spectator sitting on the ground addressed Siraj with a racist pointer, after which Captain Ajinkya flared up and the game was stopped for a while.

Harbhajan, Virender and VVS Laxman strongly condemned


Such insulting remarks on Indian cricketers during the match have provoked the former players of Indian cricket badly, they have strongly condemned this insult of Indian players. In this sequence of condemnation, Virender Sahabag tweeted,

You do sarcasm, and if you do it is racism. What some Australian viewers are doing in the Sydney ground is very unfortunate and they are enjoying the best Test series.

After which VVS Laxman expressed his strong condemnation on the issue through a tweet,


It is unfortunate to see what has been on the Sydney grounds. There is no place for this nonsense. The need to abuse the players on the playground was never understood. If you have not come to watch the game and do not behave honorably, please do not come and spoil the atmosphere.. “

The same order made the fast bowler Harbhajan Singh Also told his old experience,

I have personally heard many things on the field playing in Australia. He commented about my color and religion. This is not the first time the crowd is making this nonsense. How do you stop them? “

Meanwhile, the former Australian cricketer also expressed his anger over the incident. They said,

Unacceptable behavior. There is no place for racism. I hope this will be dealt with in the most serious way.

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