Gold and silver prices, only 1 tola gold is available

After a steady rise for the past two days, today we saw some moderation in the price of gold. Today we will talk about today’s gold and silver prices, where the drop in gold and silver rate has been seen on MCX today. Let’s know about today’s gold and silver prices

Softness seen in gold today


Let me tell you that on this day gold has seen a decline compared to the previous two days. Where today’s gold price on MCX opened with a fall of Rs 160 per 10 grams. At the same time, the price of 10 grams of gold has been found to be Rs 51560 in today’s date (06/01/2021).


Talking about the price of silver, the boom in the price of silver has been seen. Where silver has seen an increase of three percent. Where the price of silver has been recorded at Rs 70180 per kg with the strength of three percent. On Tuesday, the price of silver had closed with a jump of 70963.

This is how gold prices in four metro cities are today


10 grams of gold price
City gold price
Delhi 54,700
Mumbai 51,320
Kolkata 53,260
Chennai 52,950

There are 1 forts in these cities silver Price rise


Price of 1 kg silver

City silver price
Delhi 70,200
Mumbai 70,200
Kolkata 70,200
Chennai 74,500 views

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