Girls with such a sign are very lucky for the husband, know more features

Samudra Shastra is one such scripture. In which you can know the whole future of any human being by looking at nature, signs, colors, forms. It is said that some lucky girl is taking it. In such a situation, the girl you are about to marry. She will come to your home as Lakshmi. In such a situation, if there is this sign in his body, then there will never be a lack of prosperity in your house. Know which signs are made in the body of girls and make them lucky.
Every boy wants that the girl whom he is married to be lucky,
every boy wants that the girl he is married to be lucky and after marriage, give him luck. We can tell you by looking at the physical symptoms, today we tell you which girl with physical symptoms will be lucky for you.

1 girl with red tongue: girls whose tongue is red color, such girl attains every happiness in life, due to their good fortune, their partner remains happy throughout their life.
2 girl with big eyes: Girls whose eyes are big and white, such women are a little playful by nature, they only keep happiness around them and spend their whole life happily.
3 Mole on the nose: Girls who have til on their nose are very lucky, such a girl gets all the happiness, this mole is considered a sign of a rich life, apart from those girls whose toe is lifted,

Those girls with round and redness are lucky.
Girl with spherical heel: Girls whose aids are soft and spherical, cut the girl with happiness all their life, due to this quality, the family also gets benefit, apart from this, women whose navel is big and deep are considered auspicious.
Entry into the house of someone whose eyes are beautiful and big like Hirani is considered very auspicious. The steps of such a girl will lead the destiny of your home towards progress. Apart from this, the girl whose eyes are big as well as black or whose eyelashes are small, is also very auspicious.
Pointed and pointed ears broad and puffed upwards. They are very lucky in terms of money. Even such ears of boys are considered good.
According to oceanography, having a chicken and a red tongue is a sign of happiness and good fortune.


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