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Funny Jokes: Wife- Before marriage, you used to say that after marriage I will love you a lot… now what happened?


In the present day, every man is living under stress due to the worry of future, family and relationship and in such a situation, laughter has disappeared from the face of man, but laughter is very important for the good health of man and this The doctor also always advises people to be happy. The same is the social media nowadays, where entertainment is on the finger print of the people and on social media, we always get something for entertainment. We have brought some very funny jokes which after studying will also end your stress and you will laugh on your face. So what is the time to start.

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1. When Salim comes home, his wife asks – You did not visit Suleman’s wife’s funeral

Everyone came there just missing you

Husband (says sadly) – You also joke a lot.

What mouth should i go to He called me for the third time in his wife’s funeral

And so far I have not been able to give him this opportunity even once.

2. Girl – Why do you look lucky?

Girl- My father was from China.

Boy – where are they now? Girl – died.

Boy- After all, they were the goods of China, how long did they last

3.Girl went to the doctor with her mother

Girl – Have to do a medical checkup.

Doctor – Lie behind the curtain…

Girl – not mine, mother’s ..

Doctor- Ohhh .. show mother tongue ..

4. Master: Tell me who makes the boy or girl more angry?

Pappu: Apparently, girl Mastrji: How is that? Prove it

Pappu: Look if that first bench pinky kisses me, I will not get angry,

But if I kiss Pinky, Pinky will definitely get angry.

5. Girlfriend – Open the door Na Babu boy – Where are you?

Girlfriend – The boy standing outside your house sends his younger sister to open the door

Girlfriends – How are you, son? Little Girl – You come everyday to meet my brother

Don’t you have any brother

6Wife (from husband) – take this hair vial,

Husband (from wife) – But I do not brush my hair at all.

Wife (from husband) – It is not for you, but for your secretary.

7. Doctor was sleeping comfortably with his wife and children
Just got a call
Man – doctor sir, the medicine you gave me
It stopped my vomiting

But the breath is going too fast
Doctor (angrily) – don’t worry it will be closed by morning

8. Policemen knock on doors…

Woman – Who?

Police – Yes, we are police, your husband has an accident,

The car has passed over them, they have become absolutely papad!

Woman – so what is the need to open the door,

Move from below… !!!

So friends, we hope you will like these fun jokes and if you like these jokes, then do not forget to share it with your friends.

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