Fulham and Burnley match postponed due to Corona

London, 2 January (IANS). The match between Fulham and host Burnley on Sunday in the English Premier League (EPL) has been postponed due to a new Corona virus case.

This is Fulham’s second match, which has been postponed due to Corona. Earlier, Wednesday’s match between Fulham and host Tottenham Hotspur was postponed.

The EPL said that Fulham have tested their players and the sports staff after the postponement of the match against Tottenham Hotspur as Fulham has been on the rise in the Kovid-19 cases.

After Fulham’s request to reschedule the match with Burnley, the Premier League board has decided to postpone the match, taking into account independent medical advice, the EPL said in a statement.

The match between Manchester City and Everton was postponed on Monday due to Corona.

At the same time, the match of Newcastle United and Aston Villa on 4 December was also postponed due to a growing case of Corona.



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