From 8-Tracks To i-Tunes: Your Favorite 70s Child Stars, Then and Now

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Ok, the ’70s. The hair was long, the floor covering was shaggy, and the language was “sweet.” Back long before DVR and Netflix, sitting in front of the TV was all the more a family undertaking. Each family had their top pick, regardless of whether it was “The Brady Bunch,” “Glad Days,” “Great Times,” or “What’s going on”. Those acquainted with these ’70s shows know pretty much all the scenes inside and out, just as the entirety of the youngster stars included.

These days, a portion of these stars are practically unrecognizable. Who do you recollect? How about we look at what these entertainers supported at that point, and what they are up to now.

Robbie Rist – Then

Robbie joined “The Brady Bunch” as cousin Oliver during the show’s last six scenes. He was welcomed on as an option in contrast to the more seasoned Brady kids and to assist prop with increasing the show’s appraisals as they were considering expanded to be from shows, for example, “Sanford and Son.”

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