For 11 hours, the elephant dug the soil, the truth came out, everyone cried…

Friends say that in this world, if anyone loves their child the most, then it is the mother. Mother fights the biggest trouble for her children, and it is found not only in humans but also in animals. Today we are going to tell you one such true incident, this story has been going viral on social media for the past several days, and it is becoming increasingly viral, this story is of an elephant, in the pictures you can see, If an elephant is digging mud from the pit, let us tell you the whole matter.

The child of this elephant had fallen into a mattress, and this elephant was continuously digging mud to save her child falling into the deep pit, it is being told that this elephant was crossing the forest with her child in the past, Then the child fell into a deep hole made there, the pit was very deep, and the length of the elephant’s baby was very short, due to which he was unable to cross that pit, but the elephant took enough to get him out. Struggled, told that it was also going on, that he dug the pit continuously for 11 hours without stopping.

But Hathini was terrified to see her child fall into the mattress, and her efforts were backfired, Hathini continued to pour more mud on her child due to nervousness, Hathini continued her efforts till morning, despite not being successful. But she could not get her child out, and she started crying after losing herself tired,

The voice of Hathini’s cry was so loud, that the people of the surrounding village reached there after hearing her voice, as soon as the villagers reached, they understood the reason for Hathini’s crying, and they understood that it is a compassion of a mother. Meanwhile, the villagers gave bananas to Hathini to eat so that her attention could be removed from there, as soon as Hathini lost sight, the villagers took her child out of the pit.

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