Father walks into flour mill, son becomes nuclear scientist

It is said that if you really have the desire to do something in your mind, then you can do all that you can think. Ashok Kumar, who lives in Hisar city of Haryana state, has shown this truth by his father, whose father runs a small flour mill. The name of this young man is Ashok Kumar, selected for Bhabha Atomic Research Center, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Corporate Social Responsibility Scheme has been a major contributor to the success of this young man.

Father runs a flour mill


Please tell you about Ashok Kumar Father They do the minor work of running a flour mill, due to which they had limited resources at home. But when Ashok Kumar has become a nuclear scientist at Bhabha Atomic Research Center today, his father Mangeram is proud of him.

Expressing his happiness, he said, ‘Ashok has been promising in studies since the beginning. Due to lack of money, Ashok was taught in a government school in the village and due to his talent, Ashok has moved forward.

Ashok Kumar has given credit for his success to his parents. Ashok is the eldest of three siblings in his house. Ashok was very impressed when he saw Abdul Kalam on TV from childhood. Due to which he dreamed that he would grow up to become a big scientist like Abdul Kalam.

Ashok Kumar left home to study


Ashok Kumar has told that in the year 2019, he had decided to leave his village to study engineering. According to Ashok Kumar, he stayed away from home for the whole 2 years for his studies and preparing for the exam.

The village is home to his aunt in Kiramara, which was near his college, when he decided to study by staying at his aunt’s house. Because his aunt was lonely in the house with less members. You will be surprised to know that Ashok Kumar has achieved this position only by reading newspapers without internet.

Training will start from 16 January


Ashok Kumar also cleared the interview in the month of December after December for selection of Bhabha Atomic Research Center Scientist post. In this examination, Ashok Kumar has secured second rank in All India. It is known that the result of this examination was declared on 5 January. In which 30 students have been selected from all over India including Ashok Kumar, and their training is also going to start from 16 January.

Boon made from Modi government’s scheme


Let us tell you that for Ashok Kumar, a plan by Prime Minister Modi of the country had become a boon. Actually, a scheme was launched by Narendra Modi in the year 2014, the name of this scheme is ‘Corporate Social Responsibility Scheme’. Because the financial condition of Ashok’s family was very weak, then the scheme launched by Modi helped him a lot.

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