Father missing for 10 years, son traced to social media

The relationship between father and son is unique in this world. Today we are going to tell you the lovely story of one such father and son. Father who had been missing from home for 10 years. Son who was desperate to meet them. But he did not know where his father was, but despite this, his stubbornness and love towards the father finally found the father.

Son finally finds father

Father, son found missing from home for 10 years via social media

This case is from England where Jason Kelly is 23 years old. He was 67 when his father David Kelly left home. He had not seen his father for many years. He says, ‘When I was 12 years old, I made a big snowball and threw it at him. This was the last time I saw him.

Was anxious to meet father

Father, son found missing from home for 10 years via social media

Jason’s grandfather did not live in this world last year. During this time, he was very distraught to meet his father. He started trying to find his father. He shared information related to his father on Facebook. Father David, meanwhile, was sleeping on the streets of the city. He had no home. He was homeless.

Christmas magic

Father, son found missing from home for 10 years via social media

Meanwhile, one day before Christmas, Jason finds out where his father lives. They went there He started walking with his father. He tells his father that he is Jason. But slowly he started recognizing them. The two met with the help of social media. Jason told that his father never looked at him because his eyes were filled with tears. He was trying to remember his son’s birth date. Later both went for Christmas dinner as well. Jason also gifted his father a mobile phone so that the two could stay in touch.

Trying to get a birth certificate

Jason has also made some other plans for his father. He is currently trying to get his father’s birth certificate removed. Because his father does not have any papers. After this, he will open his father’s bank account so that he does not have any problem with the money. People became emotional after seeing a son’s love for his father on social media.

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