Father-in-law’s father-in-law invoked helicopter, crowds gathered to see bride’s farewell, bride’s farewell from helicopter

After the wedding in Bharatpur, Rajasthan, the farewell of the bride was making a lot of headlines. In Chhatrapura village of Bharatpur, people first noticed that the helicopter was bidding farewell. The bride’s wish to bid farewell to the helicopter was fulfilled by her father-in-law, for which she spent ₹ 5,00000.

Narendra Singh, son of a PWD contractor living in Bidgama, a village in Bharatpur Karoli, was married to a girl from Chhatarpur village. Narendra Singh arrives at his wedding with his wedding procession, when Narendra Singh’s father finds out that the bride wishes that his farewell is by helicopter. He made a big plan and his daughter-in-law said farewell to the helicopter. Given to

Farewell farewell was going on, when everyone saw a helicopter flying in the sky of Chhatarpur village. A helipad has been built at one place in the village in which the helicopter landing took place. Seeing the helicopter, the village crowd Omar Pari. When the bride came to know about this father-in-law’s gift, she could not remain happy. The villagers were excited looking at the helicopter.

All the rituals of marriage were completed with Neemo. The groom took the bride and left for his village Bidgama by helicopter. The villagers were also very excited to hear that the bridegroom is getting his bride’s farewell by helicopter. Today, before the bride’s arrival, the bridegroom had gathered a large crowd to see the bride and the helicopter.

Helicopters such as the bridegroom reached the village with the bridegroom engaged in welcoming the bride and all the people were busy watching the helicopter. The family said that it cost ₹ 500000 for the helicopter they bought to fulfill the bride’s wishes.

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