England won’t end their Sri Lanka tour even after positive matters: Root

London, 2 January (IANS). England captain Joey Root has said that the team will not cancel their Sri Lanka tour even after Kovid-19 has positive cases. He said that his team would have to complete the tour even if there were positive cases.

England had recently cut short their South Africa tour. The ODI series between the two teams was canceled as some players from South Africa were positive.

Root said, I don’t think the tour will be canceled automatically because of the positive results. This decision has to be taken by the medical staff. I don’t think it is the decision of the players even if they have the option to go out of the tour. We just have to assure that we follow the guidelines. If we do this then we give ourselves the best chance of not getting into that position. We know that protocols are something that will last.

Root said that he would have to be prepared that Kovid-19 cases would come up during the tour.

He said, the truth is, you look at the whole world. Pakistan faced it on the New Zealand tour. This can happen to us as well. So we have to handle it in the best way.

Root’s statement came after South Africa’s Chief Health Officer Dr Shoaib Manjara considered England and the rest of the other countries to be a changed model of the bio-bubble that England had implemented in their home last year.



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