Elderly woman made neighbors to say goodbye to the world, left behind assets worth 55 crores

If we live by building our house at some place, then we find some such people next to our house, we have a very good relationship with jeans. Not only this, many times it is seen that there is a lot of good relations in the neighbors next to the house and often together they help each other to emerge from many problems and situations as well. A variety of tees and festivals are also celebrated with each other.

In these festivals, the practice of transporting gifts to each other’s house is also seen a lot. And our post today is also on the gift given to a neighbor, knowing about which you are definitely going to be alert. So let us tell you what is the whole story.

This is the case of Germany, where a woman gave such a gift to her neighbors that she went to the headlines and news. Actually, the name of this woman is Renate Weddell, who has given her property worth about 55 crores to her neighbors. If this property is seen in the number of dollars, it was a property of about 7.5 million dollars. And now this woman has got this entire property registered in the names of her neighbors.

This woman, named Renate, was a married woman whose husband’s name was Alfred Weidel and she lived in Wiperfeld with her husband. Her husband Alfred Waddell was a businessman engaged in a stock exchange, but the sad news is that in 2014, her husband left her alone and said goodbye to the world. After this, Renet remained alone for a long time and then slowly her health began to deteriorate.

And after about 4 years in the year 2020, he too said goodbye to the world forever. Let us tell you that Renate had been in a nursing home in Frankfurt for a long time, but he was unable to get her back again. But after Renet’s departure in April of this year, the administration of the area got the details of the property of Renet, in which he got some shocking results.

Actually, Renet had made a will in his back before taking goodbye from the world in which he has given details of his entire property. In this, things were written about bank balance, shares and other assets. And in this will, it was written that she is registering her entire property in the name of her neighbors, but along with that Renate had also written one of her conditions.

Renate has clearly written that he will never use his wealth for personal or personal purposes. Rather, they will use this property of theirs in community and other social places. And their neighbors are now legally bound to do so.

At the same time, the neighbors of Renet have also said to pay full respect to him for paying homage to him.

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