Due to this Ajit Agarkar could not become the selector of the Indian team

BCCI team on Thursday India For the 3 selectors have been announced, where Chetan Sharma has been elected as the Chief Selector of Team India. In which BCCI has included Abhay Kurvilla in the list of 3 selectors in Team India in place of Ajit Agarkar.

This news has surprised Ajit Agarkar’s fans. Now the topic of discussion was that for the past several days, the news of veteran fast bowler Ajit Agarkar being made selector of Team India was coming out, but it could not happen.

Let us know what was the reason why BCCI ignored Ajit Agarkar

Ajit ignored because of this

Australia vs India

Talk to Mumbai Ajit Agarkar Cricket Have been a victim of association politics. A CAC meeting was held on Thursday, in which there was a long discussion about Ajit Agarkar and Abhay Kurvilla and finally Abhay Kurvilla was chosen in place of Ajit. While Agarkar’s cricket achievement was more than that of Abhay. It is known that he played 191 ODIs and 26 Tests, Agarkar was the only candidate who has participated in the most (200 international matches) international matches.

Australia vs India

After this a senior said, “Agarkar never had the support of Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA). There were allegations that he did not watch the matches as the chief selector of Mumbai. Abhay Karuvilla was supported by influential people in the Mumbai cricket world. Ajit Agarkar could not beat Abhay Kuruvilla despite his cricket record. ” (Australia vs India)

Chetan Sharma becomes chief selector

Australia vs India

In its 89th annual meeting, the BCCI has appointed former India fast bowler Chetan Sharma as the chairman of the Senior National Selection Panel. Where a special discussion was held keeping in mind the Test series of Australia vs India. In the creation of the new panel, Chetan Sharma left Maninder Singh and Vijay Dahiya from the northern region.

54-year-old Chetan Sharma told PTI in the happiness of his selection, “It is definitely an honor for me to get the opportunity to serve Indian cricket once again. I do not speak much because only my work will speak. I only thank the BCCI for this opportunity. “

Australia vs India

The same BCCI secretary Jai Shah said in the press conference, “The committee recommended Chetan Sharma for the chief selector of the senior men’s selection committee based on the total number of seniority test matches.” ‘

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