Donald Trump was shocked by his defeat in America

Recently, there has been an election of the President of America, in which Donald Trump had to face a severe defeat. In the race to become president in this election, Biden got the election after getting a huge amount of votes. Donald Trump is not ready to accept his defeat, he is deeply shocked by his defeat in the election.

But Donald Trump is still not ready to give up, Donald Trump has gone to court alleging massive rigging in this election without proof. But there too, he had to eat a lot.

Let us know which tactics Donald Trump is adopting after losing the election.

People of America are fiercely trolling Donald Trump


Tell Donald Trump to be President of America Election In which Biden won the trumpet by defeating Trump in the election race. After which Trump is not ready to accept his defeat, sometimes he goes to court alleging massive rigging in the elections and sometimes starts making absurd statements.


The thing to see is that now abt electoral College Biden has also been declared victorious but Trump is not ready to accept his defeat. Due to their absurd statements, only the people of America have started trolling them.

Let us know that the people of America are making such mumps of trumps, seeing that you will be returning with laughter. Many such videos can be seen on social media in which they are being mocked for not giving up.

Video of being sent out along with chair goes viral


America I am trumping our own fun. Several memes and funny videos are being made in his name, in this sequence, a video is becoming increasingly viral in which four people, including his chair, are taking Trump out and taking him out. Also, Trump is seen in the video during the election results, calling the results wrong. In this video, you can see that Trump is discussing the wrong figures of elections.

After which four people come and grab them and start pulling. Next, trumps keep saying that 100 percent of these numbers are wrong which is why people are performing all over America. In the same way, Trump keeps accusing him of rigging the election in the same way and in the video he is thrown out of Rashtrapati Bhavan.

Let us know that more than 60 lakh people have watched this video. You also watched this funny video

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