Doctors immediately see Srikanth after bleeding: BWF

Bangkok, 13 January (IANS). The team of Kovid-19 doctors, formed at the Thailand Open, examined Indian badminton player Kidambi Srikanth immediately after bleeding in his nose. The World Badminton Federation (BWF) gave this information on Friday.

BWF said, on Tuesday, the player said that after the compulsory PCR test, there is bleeding from his nose. The Kovid-19 testing team present at the hotel immediately examined Srikanth.

The BWF has also included the statement of the Thailand Badminton Association (BAT) in its statement.

The player was tested three times before, BAT wrote. The recent test on Tuesday may have caused some problems. Tested on Tuesday, the player’s anxious behavior may have resulted in a rung in the nose, causing bleeding.

BAT said that the person who did the test did not see any bleeding and there was no complaint from Srikanth either.

BAT said, after three-five minutes, another player of the Indian team told that blood is coming out of Srikanth’s nose. It is not yet known whether the player’s nose was hurt or the tissue stick stung somewhere due to which blood was coming out.

BWF said, BWF is working closely with BAT and Thailand health officials to provide a safe environment for all the players.

Srikanth posted a photo on Tuesday in which blood was coming out of his nose and blood was seen in the tissue paper.

Srikanth wrote with the photo, we take care of the match but we did not come here for it. I have given four tests after coming here and I cannot say that a single test was comfortable.



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