Doctor dies 3 days after corona vaccine

A big case has come out of the US city of Miami, where a doctor died after being injected with the corona vaccine. Doctor Gregory Michael’s Pfizer’s Corona The vaccine He died due to injury. At the same time, the Pfizer company is seen pulling its hand in this matter. The doctor’s wife Heidi said that on December 18, her husband was given the corona vaccine, after which her body started getting disturbed and she died, whereas earlier she was completely healthy.

Corona vaccine caused side effects to doctor – Heidi

The vaccine

According to the deceased doctor’s wife Heidi, on Sunday, after the vaccine, her husband suddenly died of a heart attack after having a rare disease related to immunity. After which Heidi says that due to the vaccine given to the doctor, due to this, there is a disturbance in her husband’s body.

Holding the Pfizer company’s vaccine, Heidi said, “I believe that Dr. Gregory’s death is directly related to the vaccine.” It cannot have any other interpretation. “

Pfizer is investigating

The vaccine

When Heidi described the Pfizer company as responsible for the doctor’s death, company officials said, “At this time we do not believe that the vaccine has any direct connection with the death of Dr. Gregory”.

Heidi said that,

“Dr. Gregory was completely healthy. He did not even smoke cigarettes. He rarely drank alcohol. He practiced and dived in the sea. He examined my husband in every way. Even cancer was investigated and nothing wrong was found in them. “

Sudden lack of platelets in the doctor’s body

The vaccine

It is being told that immediately after the vaccine, any side effects were not seen on the doctor’s body. But after 3 days, while he was taking a bath, his body suddenly started bleeding blood, after which, when checked, it was found that the number of blood platelets in his body has been reduced. Typically, the number of platelets in a healthy human body is between 150,000 and 450,000.

The vaccine

Heidi said,

Except for the platelets, all blood tests were normal. Platelets reached zero. Doctors examining Dr. Gregory for the first time thought that it had happened by mistake. So when they double checked, only a platelet appeared. Even after this, Dr. Gregory was normal and full of energy. The doctors advised Gregory not to go home, as it was very dangerous. This starts flowing in his head and he dies.

This side effect of the corona vaccine will give a new look to the vaccine controversy in the world.

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