Diljit Dosanjh, sitting on street protest with farmers, donated 1 crore rupees to the movement

A large number of farmers gathered from different parts of the country gathered in Delhi, the capital of the country, in protest against the new agricultural law. The farmers are protesting peacefully, demanding several changes in the new agricultural law and withdrawal of some laws from the central government. In such a situation, Punjabi singer and actor Daljit Dosanjh is also seen supporting this movement of farmers.

1 crore donated for the movement

In this episode, Daljit Dosanjh donated 1 crore rupees to save the agitating farmers in Delhi from the cold. These money will provide warm clothes to the farmers. In the cold weather, warm clothes will be provided to farmers sitting on the Indus border including farmers and elderly people of Punjab.

Significantly, Daljit Dosanj has taken this step keeping in mind the winter season and has donated one crore rupees for the farmers. Tell this, Punjabi singer Singha has revealed this by sharing a video on his YouTube channel. He has also thanked Daljit for this donation

Supported farmers from the platform

Not only this, Daljit Dosanjh has come on the road with the farmers to protest this new agricultural law. He says he supports the peaceful protests of farmers. During this time, Daljit Dosanjh expressed his stand in the dharna and said that we request the Central Government to fulfill the demand of the farmers. Everyone is sitting here peacefully and the whole country is with the farmers.

Target of Kangana

Along with this, without naming Kangna, he also said that the peaceful movement of farmers is being instigated on Twitter by telling them wrong things. They are requested not to deviate from the issue. During this, Diljit Dosanj gave a speech in Punjabi from the stage.

Daljit Dosanjh said that I have come here not to speak but to listen. I admire you all. You have created history once again. I had heard in stories that Punjabis are full of energy, but I am witnessing such history for the first time.


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