Digital wallet system started in Beijing Metro

Beijing, 1 January (IANS). Recently, the pilot project of Digital RMB i.e. Chinese Digital Currency Electronic Payment (DCEP) for Beijing Winter Olympic Games started in Beijing Tishing Airport Metro Station. On December 31, the local finance supervision bureau of Beijing gave this information.

Beijing’s local finance supervision bureau said that the DCEP wallet was launched on December 29 in the presence of figure skating world champion Shanswe etc. They purchased tickets at the Tashing Airport metro station via DCEP. He then passed through the gate wearing ski gloves.

This activity displayed various sized DCEP wallets. These include Ultra Thin Card Wallet, Aishwari Card Wallet and Badge, Watch and Wristband etc.

Foreigners will be able to use DCEP during the 2022 Winter Olympics. Speaking on the occasion, Shanswe said that DCEP’s wearable devices fit the demands of the players. The extensive use of these devices in the Winter Olympics will make Chinese and foreign players, coaches and spectators more comfortable with travel as well as payment. Which will be able to promote the use of technology in the Olympics through the creation of smart cities in Beijing and digital currency.

(Sincerely – China Media Group, Beijing)


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