Did not give up even after her husband passed away, flying officer made to serve the country while taking care of 1 child

In today’s time, girls are going ahead of boys in every field and they are illuminating the name of the parents and we are going to tell you about one such daughter who faced all the difficulties and achieved her goal. And this daughter has achieved the goal as well as the religion of being a mother and wife. Yes, we are talking about Radha Chadak, a resident of Jammu, who was married to Buta Singh Manhas, who lives in Jammu. Which was a non-commissioned officer in the Air Force, working as CPL and both of them were having a very happy married life and have a son.

Everything was going well in this happy family, but it is said that no one insists on the time and what happens when the time is done and something is not right and something like this happened with this family where Radha’s husband had a heart attack in the year 2018. Because of this, he said goodbye to this world, after which the entire responsibility of the family came to Radha alone, but even in this difficult time, Radha did not give up and firmly took care of herself and also took care of her son and dream of becoming his flying officer. Even realizing, let’s know how he achieved success after facing this difficult situation.

Tell me that Radha was completely broken from inside due to the loss of her husband so soon, but Radha never let herself get weakened and she explained herself and strengthened her intentions and her husband was left unfinished. Radha left her to fulfill her courage and courage. Radha has completed her studies and along with that she has done LLB and she was also practicing in High Court but when her husband was in this world When she said goodbye to Radha, she decided that she would wear the blue uniform that her husband had left and would give her full support for the safety of her country and for this Radha started working hard and got ready. Went

Tell me that Radha applied for the Common Entrance Test in the Air Force and then she started preparing from Delhi to pass this entrance and when she tried for the first time, she got out of the screening and even after that Radha He did not give up and he applied for the test again and this time he got better result than before and seeing this, he got more enthusiasm in his mind and also got his encouragement.

In this way, in the year 2019, Radha passed SSB and she went to Hyderabad Air Force Academy to train it and from there she took full training of flying officer and after training Radha’s posting in Chandigarh where she was posted as flying officer Talking about his difficult journey in the same interview, Radha said that it was not easy for him to reach here and if anyone supported him in this difficult time, he is my father and my father Only become my strength and I have reached this stage

He said that when my father supported me as well as he took care of my son too, Radha’s father Subedar Major TS Chadak said that he is proud of his daughter.

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