Dhoni invited this newly married couple to a party in Dubai

Live hindi news: – India’s leading spinner Sakal made his India debut in 2016 and is the leading bowler to date. The 30-year-old Sakal, who has played 54 ODIs and 45 T20s for India so far, was in love with Tanshree for the last few years.

The engagement took place between the two’s close relatives ahead of this year’s IPL series. They confirmed their engagement through the social website as they have a habit of always being active on the social website.


It is also notable that Tanashree also went there to see Sahal in the recent IPL series in the United Arab Emirates. On one hand both fell in love and on the other hand Sakal played in the later matches. He traveled to the United Arab Emirates to participate in the IPL series again after the lockdown due to Corona’s injury.

He then traveled with the Indian team for the Australian series and returned home on 22 December to play with his girlfriend. She was greeted from various quarters as only close friends and relatives attended her wedding.

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To surprise everyone, former India captain Dhoni and his wife Sakshi Dhoni invited the newlyweds to Dubai for a sumptuous dinner. Sakal and his wife also shared this information on their Instagram page.

Within minutes of his posting, this photo went viral on the Internet. Significantly, the case of Dhoni inviting these honeymooners to a private party in Dubai is now going viral on the Internet.

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