Dhoni exported natural vegetables to Dubai…


Live hindi news: – Former captain of the Indian cricket team, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who retired from international cricket on August 15, has become a full-time farmer.

He used to cultivate papaya and banana naturally on 10 acres of agricultural land in his farm house in Ranchi. Before the IPL series started last year, several pictures of his farming with homemade manure naturally went viral on the internet.

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All his pictures of tractor farming became a hit on the Internet. He also talks periodically in the video about the benefits of farming in a natural way and the dangers posed by synthetic pesticides.

He requested the Jharkhand government to export various vegetables including Dubai, tomatoes, cabbage and beans which are currently grown naturally.

He too accepted her request and offered to export vegetables to Dubai. It has also been reported that steps will be taken soon by the Department of Agriculture. The information behind why Dhoni’s naturally fertilized vegetables are being sent to Dubai is now revealed.

Accordingly, Dhoni is exporting vegetables from here as no global company is coming forward to start business in the state of Jharkhand.

It is also said that Dhoni’s intention is to initiate lessons in such a way to link all farmers to the benefits of natural fertilizers based on the yields that they bring to farming.

Tony has done this for farmers with a good intention to bring the produce of these naturally grown vegetables here and now it is said that he will soon start selling manure for the benefit of farmers as the vegetables in his garden As per expectation, they have started giving good yields.

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