‘Dhak-Dhak Girl’ Madhuri Dixit shares her first new year’s picture with husband, welcomes new year in this style

There are many actresses in our Bollywood industry who have ruled the hearts of people with their beauty and performance and one of them is Madhuri Dixit, who is called Bollywood’s Dhak Dhak Girl, who has made people crazy with her beauty and style. And in today’s time, the fan following of Madhuri Dixit is also very strong and people love them not only in their country but also abroad and they are crazy about the beauty of Madhuri and because of her dance, Madhuri is quite Has become very popular.

The same Madhuri Dixit has won everyone’s heart due to her brilliant performances in Bollywood and has worked in Bollywood more than one superhit films, apart from films, Madhuri is also very active on social media and her fan following is also very good. And she often keeps posting her beautiful pictures and videos, which the fans love very much.

These days, a picture of Madhuri Dixit in which she is seen with her husband Shri Ram Nene is becoming fiercely viral on social media and in this picture Madhuri and her husband are seen together, in which Madhuri has white color Is wearing a top and her husband is wearing a red colored T-shirt and both of them are seen sitting on the boat with each other and this picture of this couple looks very beautiful and these days these pictures Is becoming fiercely viral on social media.

While sharing this beautiful picture of her, Madhuri has described it as the best start of the new year 2021 and while posting this beautiful picture on her social media account Insta, Madhuri has also written the caption, ‘Sagar + Slow Wind + Sunset = Perfect start to 2021 ‘. Tell this picture, Madhuri Dixit is seen enjoying the sunset on the beach with her husband. Tell us that Insta has 21 million followers and as soon as Madhuri took her picture social Like it has been shared on the media, it started to become increasingly viral and the fans are very fond of this fabulous style of Madhuri.

Tell me that Madhuri Dixit is a very well known Bollywood actress and she married Dr. Ram Nene in the year 1999. Tell me, Madhuri Dixit is a famous Bollywood actress, she is the acting actress of her husband Shri Ram Nene. There is no relationship with him and he is a doctor by profession and Madhuri was married to him, now they have been married for a full 21 years and today this couple is one of the most romantic couple of Bollywood and fans Madhuri Dixit Loving a lot of love on this picture.


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