Despite being married, Ajay Devgan was dating this actress, will be shocked to know the name

Ajay Devgan, known as the Singham of Bollywood, is known for his lofty personality. Ajay Devgan has many fans, he is a well known artist of India. Ajay Devgan has done many hit movies in his film career. Ajay Devgan has been a superstar in the 90s. Names of many actresses have been associated with Ajay Devgan during that period.

Let us tell you that this was the period when Ajay was doing more than one hit films and his proximity to the hit heroines of that time increased. But their relationship with none of them could not last long. After this, Kajol and these two started to like each other in the life of Ajay Devgan. Then both of them got married among themselves. Regarding the relationship of these two, people also said that their relationship will not last long and will break soon.

But Ajay and Kajol proved the people No to false. Let me tell you that even after marrying Kajol, Ajay Devgan had an affair with an actress. Yes, Ajay Devgn’s closeness with Bollywood’s most controversial actress Kangana Ranaut had grown when he was shooting for Once Upon a Time in Mumbai.

Kajol was also apprised of the growing proximity between Ajay Devgan and Kangana. Kajol gave strict warning to Ajay Devgan that he should stay away from Kangana. Being married, Ajay distanced himself from Samhala and Kangana. Kangana on the other hand has also made a distance from them.



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