Deepika Chikhalia shared romantic photos of their honeymoon after their wedding, went to Switzerland only after two days of marriage

Deepika Chikhaliya, who plays Mata Sita in the famous serial aired on Doordarshan, is once again in the headlines. The serial Ramayana began to be telecast on Doordarshan during the lock down. During this time, all the actors of the serial once again came into the discussion. These days Sita of Ramayana i.e. Deepika Chikhaliya is also refreshing her memories these days. Deepika is sharing her old photos with the fans.

While sharing her wedding photos with her fans, Deepika has also shared the story behind her wedding with the fans. These pictures are of Deepika’s wedding. Rarely would you see these pictures before.

Deepika has written that everyone knows the story of Ram Sita of Ramayana, but how I met my Ram. While narrating its story, Deepika told that during the shooting of the film “Sun Meri Laila” an ad scene was to be shot in the film, it was of the Ad Shingar brand. Deepika told that during this shoot, the daughter of the owner of Indian cosmetic company Shingar came on the set. At the same time, Hemant Topiwala and Deepika met for the first time. This was the first meeting of these two.

After this, both of them met again with the help of mutual friends. The two met on April 28, 1991. And then both of them decided to get married. This year both of them got married.

In 1991, Hemant Topiwala, son of Deepika Chikhaliya and Shingar brand owner got married. Deepika has also shared a picture of her honeymoon. After two days, both of them returned to Delhi and left for Switzerland with Hemant Deepika.



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