Decided to leave a package of one crore in Dubai to become a saint, read full news

Hitesh Bhai Khona, who hails from Gujarat, is now going to become a Jain saint after working on a package of crores in many countries including Dubai. On January 14, during the Maha Mangalikas to be held at Shivpuri in Gwalior region of Madhya Pradesh, Sant Navaratna Sagar will decide the auspicious time to take her initiation. Hitesh, who reached Shivpuri for initiation, told that he used to teach philosophy in Dubai. The annual rent of the house where he lived was Rs 40 lakh. The company used to spend more than one crore rupees per year on them, but there was no real happiness of life in all of this.

The mind is always inclined towards quietness

I had studied the Samaraditya Mahakatha during the 12th grade, which teaches us about anger. Along with this, read many texts. All had a happy ending in the end that someone took initiation to become a saint and attained real happiness. I had the same goal, but then some family responsibilities. The mind always kept leaning towards quietness. So now it is decided to take initiation.

Knowledge of seven languages, jobs in many countries

Please tell Hitesh Bhai Khoni is originally from Mehsana, Gujarat. He also holds a degree in Philosophy from the University of Mumbai with BCom. He has served in countries like UAE, Oman, Qatar, Australia etc. They are knowledgeable in seven languages ​​Hindi, English, Marathi, Bengali, Sanskrit, Prakrit and Gujarati.

People have a lot of gold in Dubai, but someone is physically or mentally disturbed

He says that people have a lot of gold in Dubai, but someone is physically or mentally disturbed. They look to Indian traditions for real happiness. We too need to return to the roots of the Aryan culture of India. About 10 years ago Hitesh Santashree came in contact with Navratna Sagar. Two years ago, he had expressed his desire to initiate becoming a saint. After this Santashree guided him.

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