Chiranjeevi refuses to beat Sonu Sood in an action scene of South film, people will curse me

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Many people have money, but few people dare to help others with that money. And in this lockdown, hardly anyone else could have done the work of sending migrant laborers to their home. Today Sonu Sood has become the messiah of the poor and not only this, even after the lockdown, at this time Sonu Sood is treating sick people of needy and is also providing them employment and this is why millions in their followers today Has increased. Meanwhile, Sonu Sood has also shared an experience with his fans on social media.

Sonu Sood told that we were shooting for our upcoming Telugu film “Acharya” and while shooting we were doing an action sequence when the famous South film Chiranjeevi (who is playing the lead role in this film) Told me that being in this film is a problem for me, because in an action scene of this film I have to kill you and I cannot kill you. If I do this, people will abuse me and will not leave.

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