Chat can read your partner’s phone with this trick

In today’s time, technology has become so advanced that through video calls and chats, it is erasing the distance of each other. At the moment, most people are using WhatsApp only. WhatsApp is an app that is used the most. It is said that WhatsApp’s chat is encrypted, but still it is often heard that many people’s chats are leaked from WhatsApp. We are also going to tell you today, some such ways by which you can easily hack someone else’s WhatsApp in just 1 minute.

A research by International Cyber ​​Security has revealed that the chat of many people is being leaked from WhatsApp, that is, many people have been hacked. The most important thing has come to light in this Complaint, whoever has been hacked by WhatsApp, he has to hand someone his phone at some point. It can be said clearly from this that, you can hack anyone’s phone with WhatsApp within a few minutes. Similarly today, we will tell you how you can run someone else’s WhatsApp on your phone.

With this trick, you can hack your partner's phone, can read chat and can listen call

Hacking someone’s WhatsApp is not a good thing, but even then there are some people here who want to know if their partner or girlfriend is cheating on them? After hacking WhatsApp, such people can clear what is true through chat. So let’s know how you can run someone else’s WhatsApp on your phone

This process can hack

The easiest way to hack anyone’s WhatsApp is by forwarding its call. This technique is most commonly used. To do this, take the phone of the person whose phone you want to hack for 1 minute and go to his dial pad and write * 21 #. After this, click on the calling option and enter the number you want to forward.

After this, dial ## 21 # on whose phone you are hacking. After doing this process, all the calls in his phone will become normal and call forwarding will be activated. As long as this service remains active, all the phone calls will come to the same number that you have registered.

With this trick, you can hack your partner's phone, can read chat and can listen call

How to run others’ WhatsApp in your phone

After the process of call forwarding is complete, you create WhatsApp by putting its number in your mobile, which you want to hack WhatsApp. If you answer this, then you will see two options for verification, in this you will get the option to process through sms or call. In this option, you will choose the option called. After doing this, the phone will come for WhatsApp verification on your mobile, which will be mentioned in this code. Put it in your mobile. As soon as you complete this process. The next person’s WhatsApp will open up in your phone. After this, you can use his WhatsApp in your phone and can also see, to whom, that person talks through the message.

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