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Chahal’s fiancée Dhanshree was seen dancing to the broken Gungru song, the dance went viral


Right now, Dhanashree Verma has become very popular in the recent days and people have also wanted him very much, you must also know this very well because never since has he got engaged, everyone has known Dhanshree Has been engaged and their popularity has increased significantly, no one is doubtful about this, but the real question is that how much is it going to do now?

Recently Dhanshree has come out with a mashup song in which she is dancing to different songs of Hrithik Roshan and these songs have many more songs including Ghughru Broke to Jai Jai Shiv Shankar and all of them from Hrithik Roshan Relate which shows Dhanashree’s love for Hrithik.

Somewhere it has become very popular day after day and since Chahal’s name has been associated with Dhanshree, since then people have come to know him in very large numbers, no one can deny this. The way Dhanashree’s name has spread everywhere and people have started liking him, he tells that his name is going to increase even more among all the people. Although the softness of Dhanashree is not less than this.

Now, Chahal also appears with Dhanashree on social media more often and is seen live, which shows that the bonding of both has become very good and people are enjoying this couple quite well. This couple seems to be ruling the Internet and is really doing it.

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