Chahal asked if Mumbai Indians were missing him, hitman said such a thing in front of everyone, video viral

Rohit Sharma said that if Mumbai Indians were losing, not winning a single match, they might have missed it.

New Delhi, Jan 05: Yuzvendra Chahal is currently part of the RCB team in the IPL, although he made his IPL debut with Mumbai Indians in 2011, Chahal played for Mumbai Indians until IPL 2013, since then playing with Virat-led RCB, however He wanted to know if the members of Mumbai Indians now miss him, in this regard, he once questioned during a live chat, on which Rohit gave him a slight answer.

Conversation during lockdown
This incident happened during lockdown, Rohit and Bumrah were chatting live on Instagram, during which Chahal also jumped in the middle, he commented, Rohit sharma

Bumrah asks the hitman that Yuji is asking if Mumbai Indians are missing him, then Rohit replied, Speak good Chahal… Bumrah said interrupting that means he wants to come back But Rohit said that this message will go to RCB, let him say, Bumrah also said yes, yes, he will say to the captain, here the captain’s gesture was towards Virat Kohli, on which both started laughing.

What did rohit say
Rohit Sharma said that if Mumbai Indians were losing, they could not win a single match, they might have missed it, but now we are winning, Rohit Sharma IPL4 So why should we miss, Bumrah said that he must be listening, this is absolutely sure that he must be listening, Hitman said Chahal sit in Bangalore, you are good there, Rohit started laughing saying, Bumrah on this You asked him once.

Talk to Chahal
On this, the captain of Mumbai Indians said yes, he had talked to Chahal, it was talked about 5-6 days ago, on which Bumrah said that Chahal meets here every day at this time, if you want to see him live every other day. As it happens, we can contract with it, Rohit said he took my idea, he told me that I will talk with some players, he is now talking with his friends, Bumrah said, I told him that if I want to get a new hobby , Let social media go, try something else, but he does not listen.

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