CBI wrote a 3-page letter telling how Sushant Singh Rajput died

A long time has passed since the Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput death case. In this case, every day new angles emerge. However, the CBI is still investigating the case. There was no update from the CBI for a long time. Due to which BJP leader Subramanian Swamy had written a letter to the PMO. Through this, he asked to share new information related to the Sushant case. At the same time, the CBI has now responded to the BJP leader in this case.

CBI responded to Subramanian Swamy

Subramanian Swamy has been given a reply on behalf of the CBI. The investigation agency has issued a three-page letter. It has been explained in detail that CBI officers have conducted a thorough investigation in Sushant case and not every aspect has been taken into consideration.

It is written in the letter, ‘CBI is investigating in a very professional manner. Every modern technology is also being used. At present, before this, the issue of not being properly investigated in this case was raised by Sushant’s family members that the CBI investigation is not being done properly. It was also said that Sushant’s house was not investigated properly. Now CBI has given its reply.

CBI’s side on investigation

CBI wrote a 3-page letter telling how Sushant Singh Rajput died

It was clarified in the letter from the CBI that the country’s best foraging team had investigated the spot. Our team and several senior officials had investigated the spot on several occasions. Its purpose was to understand the incident of that day properly. Simulations exercise is also mentioned in the letter. Through this, an attempt was made to recall the incident of 14 June.

The CBI also emphasized that their investigation into the Sushant case was quite extensive. Investigations in this case have not only been done in Mumbai but have also investigated many things in Aligarh, Faridabad, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Manesar and Patna.

Murder theory has been in many controversies in the case

CBI wrote a 3-page letter telling how Sushant Singh Rajput died

In response to the letter, the CBI has reminded Subramanian Swamy many things. From Supreme Court verdict to FIR against Riya. Murder theory has been a subject of much controversy in the Sushant case. However, now it has been completely rejected by the CBI. Neither side seems to be missing.


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