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Boy married beautiful model, now gave his life because of this


If you say love in your own life in many ways, then you bring happiness and if you see it from the perspective of some people, then they also bring sorrow for them. Everyone has their own meaning. Now if we talk about Dinesh Meena here, then no one knows why her life was over, but no one knows this but the family members are still blaming the girl. Dinesh Meena, who was an engineering student of LNCT Bhopal, had gone from his home in Bangalore, saying of a job.

It is now being told that he had a wife whose name is Shivani Goyal and the family members are blaming him. Shivani Goyal is a model by profession and has a few photos with her young man. The allegations made by the housemates on him are very serious.

According to the allegations, Shivani used to force her husband Dinesh Meena to drink liquor and also get intoxicating substances. Not only this, his boss has also been accused of misbehaving with him. This is based on the allegation of the householders. What is Shivani’s side on this, it cannot be revealed yet, but the police is still investigating and further action will be taken after hearing both sides.

How did Dinesh Meena die and was it a case of Sushant? There are a lot of questions and there are many people who need to know the answers on these, who are also seeking answers among themselves, but somewhere such things come up here, parents are studying outside or doing jobs Used to be worried for children.

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