Boxing Federation elections in Gurugram on 3 February

New Delhi, 8 January (IANS) The Indian Boxing Federation (BFI) elections will be held in Gurugram on February 3.

The federation issued a statement on Friday and informed about this.

The BFI said that the Delhi High Court has approved the proposal to hold its election on Friday.

“During the last hearing, the court had directed the BFI to submit the schedule of elections before January 8, 2021,” the BFI said in a statement. The BFI has filed an affidavit in court with a proposed election date.

The BFI said, the program which was filed by the Director-Administration of BFI has been accepted by the court and elections will be held on February 3, 2021 as per schedule. All parties have accepted the program.

The elections were earlier scheduled to be held on 18 December, but were postponed due to Kovid-19. After this, the term of the officers was extended to three months in the emergency general meeting.

The Uttar Pradesh Boxing Association filed a petition challenging the EGM and the issue of BFI election again reached the Delhi High Court in December. The court refused to stay the meeting but filed a plan to hold its elections by January 15 from the BFI.



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