Bollywood singer Kailash Kher’s wife is very beautiful in appearance, go here professional and love things related to secret life

The name of Kailash Kher is famous today for giving some of the most different and offbeat songs sung. And on the basis of his singing, he has created a strong identity in the industry today. In such a situation, today we are going to introduce you to some big and important things related to his personal life through this post. Let’s say that Kailash was born in Meerut and his father used to be a Kashmiri Pandit. In such a situation, Kailash was also very much interested in folk songs, seeing the religious atmosphere of the pooja recitation at home. And this became the main reason that music seeded in Kailash since childhood.

Kailash touched the hearts of people when he started singing at the age of just 4 years, and speaking of those days, Kailash used to sing only traditional songs at that time. The reason behind this was the people of there who had no particular interest in the songs of Hindi cinema. In such a situation, Kailash carved himself in due time and at the young age of 14, he left the house due to opposition from the family and went looking for himself with his music.

First Kailash reached Delhi from where he started his studies and to give money, he started giving musical tuition to young children. At that time, Kailash used to charge only 150 rupees from the children so that he could only meet his own expenses and daily needs ”, but it was only his living and he could not see any way to fulfill his dreams. Had been

In such a situation, in 1999, Kailash, along with a friend, started a small business of exporting handicrafts, which gave him a big loss. And after this, such updates came that Kailash had tried to finish himself. But Kailash failed in this attempt and then left Delhi and reached Rishikesh. Here he started singing hymns with some sadhus and a strange belief arose in him.

Once again, after all this, Kailash left for Mumbai and gave all the auditions for songs here. After this, wherever there were any offers for songs, they would say yes to them immediately and gradually they became famous. It is from this that he met Ram Sampat ji, who is a famous musician and after this he received an offer to sing Ed Menon jingles from a company like Pepsi. After this, they started paying attention to their personal life too.

Kailash got married to Sheetal in the year 2009 who met him through a common friend. And today he also has a beta called Kabir. On the other hand, if Kailash says, he had said about his wife that she and Sheetal are creatures of different worlds.

Kailash told that while he is a shy type of person, his wife Sheetal grew up in Mumbai with very modern views.


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