Bird flu wreaks havoc in Jaipur, large number of dead crows

After the corona in Rajasthan’s capital Jaipur, bird flu has been going on a rampage, where a large number of crows have been found dead in Pink City Jaipur. Let me tell you that in the last 3 days more than 60 dead crows have been found inside Jaipur. At the same time, the crow who is alive is suffering from the deadly disease bird flu. So far 7 states have come under the grip of this dangerous flu.

Bird flu spreads in Pink City

Bird flu

Shaan Jaipur of Rajasthan is currently under the grip of bird flu, which has increased the problems of the local administration. Where in a large number of different places in Jaipur, birds have been found in a dead state. Due to which more than 60 dead crows have been found in Pink City Jaipur in the last 72 hours. At the same time, the local government is failing to control this flu.

Bird flu

Talking about the dead crows, five dead crows have been found in the Nehru Guard on Tonk Road. In this sequence, along with four dead crows from Ramnivas Bagh, five sick crows have been sent for rescue. At the same time, news of about 20 crows found dead from Ramgarh Road has come out.

Bird flu spread in 7 states

Bird flu

Let me tell you that after corona, bird flu is now spreading in India, where till now 7 big states have come under its grip. Which includes Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Kerala, Rajasthan, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Uttarakhand and Madhya Pradesh. The Filahal government is engaged in its prevention, and appeals are being made to the citizens of the states where the bird flu has spread, so that the bird meat is not consumed until the bird flu is brought under control. Along with this, chickens and other birds are being killed and buried in many states.

Bird flu poses danger to humans

Bird flu

Talking about the death rate of this dangerous bird flu, its death ratio is more than 60 percent, together we can say that bird flu is more dangerous than corona Virus As nickel came. Where the Chief Officers of Animal Husbandry Department has issued a statement saying, ‘The deaths due to bird flu in Rajasthan are from the most dangerous strain of H-5 influenza. Let us tell you that the most dangerous strain of bird flu so far is H5N-1. Now in such a situation, if it goes into humans, then it can take the form of a big disease.

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