Bihari Mistry did the deed in Delhi, knowing the story of two-storey house built in 6 yards

Friends, there are many unique buildings in our country. But today we are going to tell you about this building, it is a house built in a very small place. The specialty of this house is that it is built in a piece of land only 6 yards. Due to being built in such a small place, it is becoming a center of attraction. People have started coming to see this house. The discussion of who built this house and this house is now becoming common. This two-storey house on 6 yards of land currently houses a family of 5 persons.

To reach this house one has to reach the last part of Sant Nagar Main Market on Burari Main Road. A Chaudhary dairy is seen where people will start to hear the discussion about the house built in this 6 yards. The name of the man who built this house was Arun, now he has gone from here. Arun hailed from Munger district of Bihar. Arun used to do daily wages at a contractor of this area.

Used to plating the contractor and selling it. The ground in which this house is built was to evacuate the 65-lane street. After getting out of the way, this 6 yards of the corner left the ground. Arun got this 6-yard piece in his name. On this land, Arun built a house by himself.

The ground floor of this house leads from the first floor to the first floor and a bathroom is also built along with it. On reaching the first floor, a bed room and a bathroom attached to it are also visible. Arriving at the end of the house, the house becomes triangle shaped. The current owner of this house is named Pawan. Arun was lost in gambling, so overnight, he wrote his house in the name of Pawan. All facilities like electricity and water are available in this house.

In this house, now a woman named Pinky lives on rent, her husband works as a driver. During the discussion, she told that she pays rent of 3500 rupees for this house and pays electricity bill of 150 to 200 rupees. He said that he is survived by 3 children and two husbands and wives. It has been a year and a half since he lived in this house. Earlier he had problems in staying here, but now he has got used to it. Pinky says that she now feels that the entire Delhi city knows her house.

In this small house, equal need is available to live happily. There is no problem of water and electricity also. This house also does not feel much heat because it is windy. 5 big windows open on one side of the house. This house never feels like suffocation.


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