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Bihar girl sent an invitation to Sonu Sood to come to the wedding, got this answer


The extent to which Sonu Sood has gained popularity in the recent past has become an example in itself and it is not possible for people to become famous by going to that level that everyone likes them so much. And obey them. Well if we talk about now, there are many people through Twitter who keep tagging them from time to time and tell their mind and keep things in front of them.

Let’s talk about now when a girl named Neha and who is from Bihar has invited Sonu Sood to come to her wedding. She writes that if you come to my wedding, Sonu Sood, then I will become the luckiest girl in the world.

Sonu Sood accepted the invitation to come to the wedding and said, ‘Let’s see Bihar’s wedding too’. In response to this, Neha said, “I will wait for you, sir.” In fact, Neha’s Sonu Sood had helped long ago when her sister Divya had to undergo surgery and if nothing could happen, then with the help of Sonu Sood, she was able to get a successful treatment and she survived. Nowhere is this the best thing that everybody does.

Well rest of the stars are still more in Bollywood but people call Sonu Sood and feel so lucky when they come because they have been established as messiahs in a way and people consider them as the heroes of real life in the heart is. There is no doubt in this matter. Clearly these things say a lot.

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